zwanzigster Dezember zweitausendvierzehn


My name ist María José. Some call me Majo (j pronounced in German as ch and in English like h, as in hospital), some call me María, some call me José. I’m right now 21 & have been living in Austria for the past 3 years and two months. I am from Guatemala and my mother tongue is Spanish, but I’ve come to realise it’s a lot easier to express myself in either English or German. The language depending on what and how I want to say things. That is the reason why this blog is written in two languages. More general things will be in English, just like this and more thoughtful things in German. We will see how that works.

I have been diagnosed, in chronological order:



PTSD and

last but not least and in fact most important because it’s actually what I have & the reason why the name of this blog is “KITTIES IN MY HEAD”

Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I’ll take the time to explain what each one of these disorders is, the cause and the best way of treatment for each individually and for all of them as a whole. I’ve been battling against myself for the past 21 years and a half and now, after a part of myself tried to kill herself three times and the other part once, I’ve finally found my path, the way to fight for myself and the best way for me to live.

So I gladly invite you to join me through this journey. I’ll get to know myself better through each word and maybe I can help you get to know yourself better 🙂

We’ll see each other soon. I don’t know how soon, since I’m right now and for the next three months in the hospital, but we’ll sure hear from each other!





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